Scholars, practitioners, professionals, researchers, and representatives of governments, communities, NGOs, industries, are invited to submit an abstract/research proposal/full paper. Papers can deal with both theoretical and methodological approaches, implementation, and case studies. Abstracts of no more than 400 words including key words should be submitted by June 30th 2015.

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  1. Creating the New Golden Triangle (Indonesia-India-Tiongkok) as World Axis in Religion, Science, Culture and Economic.
  2. Designing the Golden Triangle (Indonesia-India-Tiongkok) Inter-relations in Religion, Science, Culture and Economic.
  3. Strengthening bargaining orologi replica position of the Golden Triangle (Indonesia-India-Tiongkok) in Asia
  4. Strengthening Indonesia’s Diplomacy in Asia


The topics of the Golden Triangle (Indonesia-India-Tiongkok) inter-relations in Religion, Science, Culture and Economic should mainly focus on future and challenge of this interrelation in those subjects.


The themes should adhere to broad the main theme, and can                   reflect but are not limited to the following themes:

  • Religion
  1. Promoting religious harmony
  2. Models of religion-state relations
  3. Resolving conflict of religious radicalism
  4. Religion and peace
  5. A new trend on religious thoughts
  • Science
  1. Strengthening mutual understanding through science: future and challenge
  2. Emerging trend of science in Indonesia, India, Tiongkok: present and future
  3. Science’s role for social welfare
  4. Development of local wisdom-based science
  5. The Golden Triangle inter-relations in science
  • Culture
  1. Enhancing art commonalities : future and challenge
  2. Bolstering culture interrelations: future and challenge
  3. Language as a means to improve mutual understanding
  4. Multiculturalism and social harmony
  5. Globalizing local culture and wisdom
  • Economic
  1. ASEAN Economic Community (MEA): opportunity and threat for formal replica watches business enterprises.
  2. Repositioning local workforce as competitive advantage to face global competition
  3. Investment potency in the Golden Triangle (Indonesia, India and Tiongkok)
  4. Strengthening the Golden Triangle (Indonesia, India, and Tiongkok) cooperation to anticipate free trade
  5. Shift in global economic power from West to Asia